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Making a difference.

Last night, I attended an awards banquet for the Mount Saint Mary's robot team. I am one of the sponsors and mentors. I am the lead robot prop carpenter for the team. I build props that simulate the completion field. Some of the team members help me knock these out. The team made it to the world championship this year. It was great to able to help them out. Being a woodworker, I really like helping people out. I help out with people's dreams. They are working on a dream house or business. I will build custom pieces to help out with their dreams. Helping them with their dreams helps me with my dream. My dream is to have a successful custom furniture and signs business that employs my wife, sons and nephew. A true family business, that creates great stuff. We will get there. What are your dreams, ideas and passions? What can we do to help?

I got the pecan and walnut headboard finished. I coated it in waterlox. It looks awesome. I need to figure out how to stage it and take some pics. I have a long weekend. I hope to get a lot done. I want to finish up the Burly signs. I plan to cut out the next headboard. I will start a new sign job. I want to get some work done on a table for me. I always have something going on. I can never complain I have nothing to do.

We have some exciting web/social media stuff in the works. We are working on a few fun videos to share. I would like to get some video on cutting the headboard. I am trying to figure out the best way to do a facebook giveaway. We have a great prize.

It is time to make some saw dust. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!.

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