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Openbuilds Ox using LinuxCNC

I built an Openbuilds OX CNC router. I got it working with a GRBL control board and open source software. I had some saw dust build up under one of my belts. This burned out one of the drivers on my board. I decided to get away from the GRBL stuff. It was kind of hit or miss that it worked right. People do get it to work so more power to them. I looked at several options to upgrade my hardware and software. I looked at gecko drives and Mach3. It was an expensive upgrade. I settle for some Keiling stepper drivers and break out board using LinuxCNC. This is a lot more affordable route. I went with the C10s board and KL-4030 drivers from Automatin Technologies Inc. I got a pci parallel port card off of ebay for under $10. I put that in an old desktop pc. I down loaded the most recent LinuxCNC and LinuxLiveUSB. I used Linux Live USB to make a bootable LinuxCNC thumb drive. Now I have LinuxCNC running on my pc. Next step is to wire up my new drivers and break out board. I am waiting on a dc dc step down converter. I got it off of ebay. I need this to get 5v for my break out board from my 24v power supply. I am really excited about this upgrade. There is lots to learn but I am sure I can figure it out.

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